How we use your personal data 

It's acknowledged that when it's appropriate, we may add some of your personal information including name, address, contact details to out database, which will be used for ongoing marketing/sales activities. Our marketing activities include promotional material sent you, simply to keep you updated about our services, property trends and issues.

This is optional and you can always unsubscribe from any direct marketing and promotional message you receive from us. 

You can reach out to us on our social media channels and depending on the platform, we may use, handle, store and disclose personal information, in the manner described above. Please be aware that your social media interaction with us, depending on your privacy settings and the type of platform will be visible to other users of the particular platform as well. 


As always, we receive the right to remove any visual media, comments or other material from our social media sites, if they are in any way inappropriate, offensive or abusive.

Changes to the above privacy policy

We do make changes to the policy from time to time and hence advice to check this privacy policy for changes being made.